MOOI Sieraden
Groningen, Folkingestraat

  • winkelen groningen mooi
  • winkelen groningen mooi
    This small, but very beautiful and transparent jewellery store sells wonderful items including rings, bracelets, chokers, jewellery from its own workshop and a whole host of other accessories, like wool and silk scarves. One often hears that clothes make the man, but the right accessories make the outfit. And, as there are so many different types of people, this jewellery store offers a wide choice of jewellery, crafted from various different materials, including anodised aluminium, patinated copper, titanium, brass, high-grade steel and rubber. Of course, beautiful, traditional silver jewellery is also available.

    The exclusive and distinctive jewellery from MOOI’s private workshop is very popular. People like to buy something that is just a little different from the neighbour is wearing, something of their own, something unique, and that is not a strange thought. With an exclusive design, you tend to get just a little bit more of the spotlight. The store attracts different types of people, simply because there are so many different types on offer. Should the search for that perfect gift prove to be just a little bit too difficult, rest assured in het knowledge that gift certificates are available. Very useful, but above all, great to receive.

    The Folkingestraat is not only home to this jewellery store, it is also a great shopping street. It has no large chain stores, just small and unique businesses. The street is on the way from the train station to the city centre, which is convenient for those of us who use public transportation. The store is clean and wonderfully transparent. This really brings out the collection.

    Jewellery crafted in MOOI’s own workshop.