• winkelen utrecht noahs
  • winkelen utrecht noahs
    A large collection of tasteful, trendy children’s clothing (not overlooking boy’s clothing!) and interior articles, accessories, toys and original gifts.

    Noahs stands for trendy, and daring when it comes to children’s clothes. Colors and ideas will keep on surprising you. The service is pleasant and attentive. When not sure what to buy, they’ll be happy to assist you. Special attention is given to gift-wrapping.

    No fuss, no stress, shopping should be a relaxing experience, with or without the children present. Everything is oriented towards making you feel welcome and at ease. Noahs is situated on one of the nicest shopping-streets in Utrecht in the most beautiful part of town, and a parking-garage is just around the corner.

    The husband out of the couple leading this store used to be a hairdresser and his wife was storefront designer for the Bijenkorf and Replay. When their daughter Noah was born, they felt how desperate the need was for a really good children’s store. And so they sold their hairsalons and realized their dreams together!

    Replay, DKNY, IKKS, No-No, Exit, Noa Noa, Bengh, Boriz, Vingino, petit bateau, G-sus, Hello Kitty, G-sis & G-bro, Shirtje, UGG, Kidscase, Guru, Muy malo.