• winkelen rotterdam non disclosure
  • winkelen rotterdam non disclosure
    This is a small hairdressing salon with four work places. Besides this they have a large assortment of styling and hair care products.

    Anyone can come into Non Disclosure, from young to old, classic to trendy. You always leave the shop looking gorgeous with that new look. It is certainly not for nothing that their motto is “haircutting is an art”, and in this salon they have got it down to a fine art.

    It is a modern hair salon with a luxurious, and at the same time very friendly atmosphere. On top of this they are specially different. If you look from the outside in, instead of the usual hairdresser posters they have huge blow ups of animal hair.

    On Thursdays and Fridays the shop is open till 21.00 and it is possible to have a snack and receive advice about ones new coupe.

    Organic shampoos and conditioners, of course natural products. They use the brand name Bes for coloring, which is made, partly with bees wax, and this gives lovely natural results.