• winkelen amsterdam oog bril beethovenstraat
  • winkelen amsterdam oog bril beethovenstraat
  • winkelen amsterdam oog bril beethovenstraat
  • winkelen amsterdam oog amp bril
  • winkelen amsterdam oog bril beethovenstraat
    Oog & Bril is the right address for work- and computer glasses. Furthermore, they have an exceptionally large collection of designer frames and sunglasses. Also, they specialise in all kinds of contact lenses and corrective spectacles for special occasions, including diving, shooting and golf. They use the finest glasses.

    The regularly changing and very up to date collection of glasses enables Oog & Bril to offer something for everyone. You can count on excellent and personal service. The choice in frames and glasses is tailored to you and your activities or hobbies. Also, they offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction on multifocals and contact lenses. And if you decide ‘you should have gone with that other frame’, they will gladly swap it for you.

    The store’s look is very transparent. Everything is possible, all you have to do is to ask. The store runs on clear and direct communication. When it comes to eye correction, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

    Custom made adjustments of glasses and contact lenses. Ergonomic advice or assistance in optimizing the workplace. Working, reading and computer glasses for various specialist groups. Practical solutions at different eye problems; ranging from reading difficulties in children, Parkinson's and whiplash patients, to work-related visual complaints in various disciplines. The store is accessible to the disabled as well. The eye exam room is accessible by way of a stairlift. Also there is a walker or wheelchair ready for use.

    Among others,  Theo, Anne et Valentin, Lindberg, Johann Von Goisern, Lunor, Carter Bond, Dick Moby, Cabrio, Munic Eyewear, Volte Face, Adrian Marwitz, Matttew, Modo. The collection changes quite rapidly and almost all of the brands can be ordered on request.