Haarlem, Centrum

  • winkelen haarlem ottomania
  • winkelen haarlem ottomania
    Amongst others: luxury bathtowels, embroidered bedspreads, hamam cloths, fabrics, soap, grand trays and hamam dishes made of copper processed with tin, tableware and various handmade objects. A beautiful book-collection is also present. And Ottomania is the only place in Holland where Cornucopia, the beautiful English magazine on Turkish culture is on sale.

    There is no comparable alternative in Holland. The collection consists of high quality products and houses rare, beautiful pieces seldomly seen elsewhere, but fitting perfectly into both contemporary and classical interiors. The owners personally import everything from Turkey and Syria, among other countries.

    Bright, classy, authentic, gracious yet simple. The store, situated in the beautiful, historic Warmoesstreet, is seen by many as one of the most beautiful living- and gift-stores in all of Haarlem. Some customers travel here from afar.

    The owners are very passionate about Turkish culture and the surrounding countries. That passion resounds in the name Ottomania, (the former Ottoman-empire). This store demonstrates how middle eastern stores can offer more than just the ‘bazar’ atmosphere and ‘a thousand and one’-fairy tales. 

    Also on sale here is Russian tableware by Lomonosov (hand-painted china from St. Petersburg).