• winkelen amsterdam parisienne
  • winkelen amsterdam parisienne
    This shop has a varied assortment of accessories where you can totally complete you outfit. There is also a large choice of jewellery, evening bags, hats and shawls.

    Parisienne is in fact all women’s dream come true. You always find in this shop the perfect accessory that fits you. The collection is large and varied. The jewellery is in many styles with many brand names. Not only the loyal customers come to Parisienne, but tourists have also found their way to this lovely shop.

    The shop has a nostalgic and warm atmosphere. You feel immediately at ease. The location of Parisienne in this part of Amsterdam also gives it that special atmosphere, as it has that village feel about it.

    Because of its special atmosphere this shop is often photographed.

    The owner, Bernadette de Haan, opened up the shop 5 years ago. She regularly visited France and there she saw the special jewellery which she now sells it is her passion to buy in beautiful articles and thus make her customers happy. This all remains a challenge to her as she never expected to open up two other shops besides Parisienne., namely Fashion Flairs Accessories, also in the Berenstraat.