Quartier Latin
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam quartier latin
  • winkelen amsterdam quartier latin
    Despite the nearness to crowded passage ways to the Waterloo square, the Stopera and the Rembrandt square, the clientele in restaurant Quartier Latin consists mainly of regulars as opposed to passers by. The many loyal customers truly appreciate the kitchen for it’s refined French specialties and the staff for the friendly service. Quartier Latin is a cozy, intimate restaurant housing 11 tables and 44 seats, and features candle lit-atmosphere and French chansons. Both customers and owner hold the customer-relations in high regard. Employees enjoy their work and the December holidays are a highpoint every year. The cuisine is traditional, you’ll find specialties such as escargots, tournedos and crèpes. Also many seafood- and game-dishes, changing seasonally. A selection of beautiful French wines and wines from other regions as well. Every week a new French specialty is featured on the menu. A la carte dining is possible but there is also a 3-course menu with several starters and main courses to choose from.