Reisboekhandel De Noorderzon
Arnhem, Het Stegenkwartier

  • winkelen arnhem reisboekhandel de noorderzon
  • winkelen arnhem reisboekhandel de noorderzon
    Reisboekhandel De Noorderzon offers travel guides, maps and travelling stories for the enthusiastic traveller, hiker and biker. But people who prefer to stay at home, but who have an interest in geography and foreign cultures will find their way here as well. Also: world atlases, books and field guides on nature and landscapes, photo books, globes, wall maps and a number of accessories including Swiss army knives and compasses. And finally: CD’s with world music.

    De Noorderzon is a small scale, old-fashioned bookstore, with an expansive, digital component. The webstore allows you to browse the extensive database of maps and travel guides. “A lot of our customers find our website helpful, even if they don’t use the order feature”, owner Leon Receveur recounts. “Browsing around our collection, they become inspired and they also have the opportunity to compose and print off a wish list, which they take with them when they visit the store, or they present it as a list of potential birthday presents.”

    Happy customers (after all, they are going on a trip) and professional staff. Receveur: “Customers keep noticing how many books and maps there are on a particular area they were expecting to find very little about.” 

    Leon Receveur studied geography, is an outdoor sports enthusiast, and loves to travel. The ideal mix to start your own travel book store. And so, during the 80s, he made De Noorderzon (“ the Northern Sun”) rise in Arnhem.