Silvester Strips
Den Bosch, Centrum

  • winkelen den bosch silvester strips
  • winkelen den bosch silvester strips
    Here, in this shop you find a huge assortment of cartoon books. Besides the well know Suske & Wiske, Astrix en Dirkjan there are many American paperbacks and Manga-pocket books.They also have many detailed pictures and silk screen prints of famous and not so famous strip characters.

    The shop has indeed a large collection, a and with a large range in stock , you are sure to find any strip you wish.All new titles are well represented. People come from all over The Netherlands to Silvester to add new books to their collection.

    The business has a homely feel about it, and you can sniff around at ones own leisure.

    Silvio van der Loo is himself a cartoon lover. In order to convey and share his passion for cartoons he opened up this shop in 1991.

    For the last ten years Silvester Strips have published their own. The publishing has grown this last year and has acquired an understanding of strip land all of its own.

    Besides Astrix, kuifje, Lucky Luke and Suske & Wiske , there is also the humor of Dirkjan and Heinz, Sigmund, Kaasheld and Fokke & Sukke.