• winkelen zutphen sjosz
  • winkelen zutphen sjosz
    This colourful boutique has an identity all by itself, and sells a gorgeous collection of women’s and men’s clothes. Creativity and personal touch gets priority, and this is more than obvious. You have a large collection of luxurious men and women’s clothing to choose from.

    The customers at Sjosz are creative and confident, and looking for something different. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, this is the place to come to. If you also fancy shopping with your partner, you can both enjoy getting a new outfit here!

    Sjosz has its own, warm atmosphere. The background music gets you into the continental atmosphere, where all the clothes originate from. From South America through Spain and Italy, back to the Balkan and up north.

    IVKO with its colourful clothing gets much attention.

    Scapa, Day Birger, Noa Noa, Ivko, King Louie, Inti, Lysgaard, Desigual and Petrusse, Scapa, Cinque, Alberto, Desigual, British Indigo.