Udiís Goodies
Bussum, Centrum

  • winkelen bussum udies goodies
  • winkelen bussum udies goodies
  • winkelen bussum udies goodies
  • winkelen bussum udies goodies
  • winkelen bussum udies goodies
    Udi’s Goodies are more than good! This is a small, but precious, store for unique delicacies, specialties, and goodies from all over the world. Ranging from superb quality pasta, sauces, and truffle delicacies, to freshly roasted coffee and delicious chocolate, products here also include a number of special products used by top chefs, and even biological goodies. The emphasis is on remarkable, pure, and pronounced products that are made in an old-fashioned, and often small-scale, fashion. The chocolate/hazelnut pralines, which they say are “scandalously good”, are a hit with practically anyone!

    It’s the diversity of the collection that makes this one of those stores for all sweet teeth and connoisseurs. Whether it’s for yourself or to surprise and spoil someone else, the beautiful quality of the products and the ‘wow-factor’ in the surprising flavors will instantly tempt you. Are you looking for something special? Do you love high-quality products, or are you looking for a gift? Be sure to pop in!

    The atmosphere at Udi’s Goodies is friendly, inviting, and hospitable. Udi loves for you to taste the products, and is obviously delighted to see his customers enjoy the surprising and wonderful flavors.

    The Huizerweg is a nice street in Bussum. It’s definitely worth a visit!

    Looking to grab a great cup of coffee or espresso on the go? You can come to Udi’s Goodies for these, too.

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