Van Pelt Coiffure Beaute
Dordrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen dordrecht van pelt coiffure beaute
  • winkelen dordrecht van pelt coiffure beaute
    Naturally one can have a hair cut, or ones hair colored at Van Pelts, but they also offer hair lengthening, and hair voluming. They also have a large selection of hair care products and related to articles, such as hair brushes, combs, styling products and extensions and hair pieces.

    Van pelt Coiffure Beaute offers quality. They are professionals who will make something special with your hairstyle that suits your face and your personality. It is certainly not by chance that customers are very satisfied with their work, when they leave the shop.

    This particular business has a very clean cut appearance, and they are very professional, however at the same time the general ambiance is warm and friendly.

    Kerastase, L’Oreal and Sebastian.