• winkelen amsterdam zipper
  • winkelen amsterdam zipper
    This shop offers a large selection of second hand clothes for both men and women. For the last thirty years they have specialized in fashionable second hand clothes, and in the customizing of the clothes, and from this it has emerged into its own label, namely Ultra Zipper. You can fins all sorts of t-shirts, cocktail dresses, leggings , jackets, shirts, and a variety of accessories such as pumps,hats, sun glasses, belts, bags and jewellery. For a number of years now they also have new clothes.

    What they offer at Zipper in the line of clothing and accessories is unbelievably huge, and every week new clothes are added to the collection. The fashion hunter can certainly find something exclusive here, and it is very possible to be fitted out with a total outfit. Not only do Agnes and John Giles but in what they like and admire, for the Amsterdam clientele , but also other styles of clothing to add to their fresh and new collection.

    The shop is colourful and cosy . Because of this friendly atmosphere, and the massive collection , one is inclined to look around for longer.

    Zipper has another shop in the Nieuwe Hoogstraat 10 in Amsterdam.